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iPlus Architecture


Huayi Worldwide Pty. Ltd. trading as iPlus Architecture (iPlus), is a Brisbane and Sydney based architectural practice established in 2015. iPlus Architecture is focused in residential, multi-residential, mixed use development, commercial and retail. We offer a complete range of architectural services, from concept design up to construction completion. By creating solutions with a passion to explore a different range of concepts, we will always provide an unique design composition to reach others constraint.



Our collaborators



iPlus Property Group Pty. Ltd. - 

iPlus Property Group is a growing property development group, providing professional development advice, this group is based in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) and focused in residential markets.

iPlus Fortune Pty. Ltd. -

iPlus Fortune is an international company committed to provide investors with tailored investment package, offering comprehensive consultation and inclusive strategies on various development projects. iPlus Fortune’s exclusive investor programs will assist investors step by step to a long term success, Starting from searching investment opportunities to managing a property development, iPlus Fortune provide client with low risk methodology to maximise their investment return.

Fortune International Properties Limited Pty. Ltd. -

Fortune International Properties Limited acts as an overseas property agent to provide one-stop oversea properties management services customers. Fortune International Properties Limited analyses the development of oversea real estate for our clients and conduct field trip to visit the site and assist the customer to sign SPA with the developer and provide financial advisory services. After the handover, offering services to deal with issues such as renting or reselling for customers.

idearchitecture Pty. Ltd. -

idearchitecture pty ltd (IDEA) is a multi-disciplinary Architectural practice providing professional consulting services. The practice specialises in Architecture and Design, Project Management, Interiors and Planning. Since its inception in January 1991, IDEA has participated in a diverse portfolio of projects, both in Australia and abroad.


HeBei Huayi Architectural Design Co. Ltd. - 

HeBei Huayi Architectural Design Co .Ltd was established in 2003, the practice specialises in Master Planning, Architectural Design, Landscape and Sustainability, Interior Design, Construction and other Consultants Disclipines in the practice. It is a successful Multi-disclipine Design Insutitute operated in China, mainly in HeBei province.

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